Saturday, August 4, 2012

Cradoc Hill

Today we walked with the Huon Valley Dog Walking Group from the Cradoc Hill Abattoir (our fantastic source of dog bones) along a forestry trail up the hill and back again. The dogs loved it... all those bush smells and lovely fresh wallaby droppings, and some off-leash running. Our pair were exhausted when we got home.

Cradoc lies directly opposite us on the other side of the Huon. Often when it is raining at our place, we can see through the rain to the sunny hills of Cradoc. Two years ago we heard about people on that side of the river having water trucked in, while our large tank was overflowing. It's generally a lot drier over there, even though it is only a few kilometres away. And so it was today, as we left home in the rain with the dogs in the back of the ute, and ended up walking in the sun over at Cradoc.

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  1. Looks gorgeous, Susan. What a wonderful place for people and dogs!