Thursday, August 16, 2012

Bones and all

Our freezer is well and truly full. Nothing else can go in. We still had some dog bones in the bottom of the chest from the last visit to Cradoc Abattoir, then last week friends down the road kindly asked if we wanted the offal from two steers being slaughtered, to feed to our dogs. Heart, liver, kidney, tongue... we packaged it all into bags for the freezer. It's good to see nothing go to waste from such lovely beasts.

A few days later, after the carcasses had hung in their portable cool room for a bit and were then butchered, we also took some of the fantastic beef bones, including two that looked like something from Jurassic Park. Can't wait to see the girls attempt to carry those bones off.

Then on Tuesday I collected a side of lamb from other friends down the road who ran some sheep on their land for the first time this year - two leg roasts, chops, rack, neck. And of course more dog bones. Yesterday the friend we got the lamb from rang and offered more bones, and I had to say no for lack of freezer space. They have kindly offered to store it in their bigger chest freezer for a month.

Local meat, fresh as it gets, and we won't have to buy dog bones again for quite some time...

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