Thursday, May 10, 2012

Two years in Tassie

Today we are celebrating two years since arriving in Tasmania after the big move south. Boy has that flown. We feel so settled here and yet still like the new kids. We love our new chosen home and are so glad we made the move.

Some things I have lost:
  • One cat
  • One sedan (swapped for a ute)
  • Some fitness and flexibility
  • The ability to walk in heels
  • Clean shoes
  • Cable internet and a home phone number
  • Online grocery shopping deliveries
  • A few friends

Some things I have gained:
And much more besides. More than anything, we've gained a new optimism and excitement about the future that simply got lost in the day to day slog in Sydney. Here's to the next two years. There's so much more of Tasmania we haven't even seen yet.


  1. Sounds pretty fabulous all round! Here's to the next 2 years and beyond!

  2. alles Gute zum Geburtstag Susan und David! (did you I get that right?) Just one more year and you'll be here forever, forever forever....if you believe conventional wisdom!

  3. Danke Steve! Yes, I heard they lock the gates and don't let you out after three years... ever seen that film 'Welcome to Woop Woop'?

  4. I'm so pleased you finally made the shift in 2010. It clearly suits you guys to perfection!

  5. Awesome move for both of you. Particularly when it such a gorgeous place to visit for freeloaders from Sydney like me!! I may not see you as often but technology is good for keeping up our friendship. Congrats on 2 years!! Cheryl

  6. What a fabulous adventure! Good on you both-Sydney's loss is definitely Tasmania's gain.

  7. Congratulations Susan. Sad about the cat but after a day of walking around the city I would say the loss of walking in heels is a blessing. The gains all sound very good for the soul. Love reading about your adventures & can't wait to swap my own sdan for a ute. Tracee x

  8. Wow, seems like yesterday that I saw your first post and talked over you trialing a new mobile or somesuch. Glad it has been a success for you and thanks for your Tassie view of life. And you co-operation in c-space

    Best Rgds

  9. Losing the cat is a good long as it's dead and not gone feral, preying on wildlife. Damn cats have no place in this country and dogs aren't much better.