Sunday, May 27, 2012

Mucky dogs

After being away for work again last week, this weekend was another one filled with jobs that needed to be done around the house and garden. This morning we popped in on the last Huon Valley Growers and Makers Market for the next few months (they start up again in spring) and stocked up on local honey and jams, then took the dogs for a walk along the river at Franklin. They take every opportunity to get in the water or roll in something horrid. The pair of them were wet and disgusting by the time we put them in the back of the truck to go home, though you wouldn't know it from the photo below. They smell really bad. Next weekend they are getting the full beauty treatment: we have booked a home visit from a mobile dog wash and grooming service. Normally we wash them ourselves, but in winter they take so long to dry and the days are very short, so it's a special treat. For us, not them.

The boat in the background is the beautiful Yukon


  1. Our Jack does exactly the same! We call him Swamp Dog! Because thats what he smells like! And he wonders why we won't let him in to snooze on the couch afterwards! Have a lovely week! x

  2. Swamp dog... great description of that smell, Kelly! Very glad we did not move to a place with a dam, or it would be a permanent situation.