Sunday, May 20, 2012

Raised garden beds

I feel like there's little to report from our weekend, but it has been so busy. Yesterday we positioned and filled three new raised garden beds. I made a start on digging out the beds in the new greenhouse. Transplanted a few seedlings. We saw the film 'The Artist' at our lovely local art deco cinema right here in Franklin. Took the dogs to Kingston Beach this morning and picked up a few items on the way there and back. Dusted, vacuumed, composted, washed, scrubbed. Cooked a nice massaman beef curry for dinner. Called some friends in Zurich. And now for some folding, ironing and packing for a work trip to Sydney tomorrow. Phew, so tired now I need another weekend.


  1. They mess with my head.
    They look wonky from some angles but were placed with a spirit level and some care.
    From the road they look perfect but from various backyard angles they look like Daffy Ducks teeth after an explosion.

  2. Ha. Poor David! I know what you mean, often I feel the need for a 2nd weekend! Now I need to check out the greenhouse.

  3. I love these garden beds. What are they made out of? They look great!

  4. They are made of galvanized iron Jen - they were also available in colourbond