Saturday, May 12, 2012

Scarlet robins

In Autumn, quite a few of these lovely scarlet robins showed up at our place again. They comb the grass and my veggie beds for bugs and even fly up to peck our windows. They perch on any available stick or post and are so pretty to watch. David took these photos of them today with our new camera, which we're having fun playing around with at the moment. It was two degrees and snowing at the time - see the white streaks in the photo of the female (top) and ice on the table behind the male bird (bottom).


  1. Great pics, snow brrrrr, lucky we are down on the flat. Its been so cold hasnt it, not complaining though, im loving wearing the winter scarf and leather gloves.

  2. I could watch those little guys flitting about all day! Keep warm x