Monday, February 13, 2012

Container party

This lovely landmark building is home to Village Antiques of Franklin, with room after room filled with furniture, homewares, collectibles and art from different eras. Built in 1906, it was originally a bank and then a hospital for a few decades from the 1940s. During last year's Focus on Franklin festival, the owners held a reunion of some of the many people who were born there.

Last Friday night, locals were invited to a preview sale of a new container shipment of antiques acquired on a recent UK mission, before it opened to the public on Saturday. Owners Jane and Shane have been burning the midnight oil unpacking and arranging everything in the store. A couple of nights last week we drove past on the way home late from comedy gigs and saw every single light still on. The place is packed to the brim. Over a glass of wine or two, we all wandered (carefully) from room to room admiring pieces on display and adding things to the wishlist. I took home a 1950s/60s magazine holder. We also bought a lovely 1920s oak and glass display cabinet which we will collect next week.

When we popped in the next day, lots of cars were parked out the front and there was a steady stream of people heading in. An older lady bought six glass paperweights and stashed them in fluffy socks she carried in her handbag for the purpose. I am sure many people will find something they love there.


  1. I can't wait to go and have a look. I definitely need some more pieces for our new cottage. Thanks Susan and love the magazine holder!

  2. Tell them about the Ghostbuster who busted our cabinet and Uranium glass :-)

  3. I love the mag holder - very very stylish!