Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Views from Franklin

I've heard people say that you have to try pretty hard to find a home without a view in Tasmania. Certainly every time we visit friends in Franklin, I am struck by the different perspectives you get from different sides of the hill or road. All equally lovely, but framed differently by the home's windows and aspect. Here is the view from three different friends' homes on the hills above Franklin. Beautiful, aren't they?


  1. you are very right, everyone has a beautiful view here.
    ive got beautiful views of Sleep Beauty and surrounding hills from my house.
    Moving to tassie was the best thing i ever did

  2. Gorgeous, do you know Tony & Janet Vanson from 100 Jacksons Road in Franklin? I stayed with them for a couple of nights in November, recommended by friends/workmates as Janet used to work for Playgroup WA where I currently work in Perth. They certainly have a brilliant setup with the home, ccommodation, view, animals & flora & fauna. I can see it has been a wonderful move for them from Perth. Tracee

  3. Indeed I do know Tony & Janet - and spent Christmas Day with them at the same home above :-) It is actually funny how many people in Franklin have moved here from WA - we know 4 more couples either from Perth/Margaret River area. Glad you enjoyed your visit. We love the animals (native and otherwise) here too. Cheers,