Sunday, November 13, 2011

Huon Show 2011

Yesterday we visited the Huon Show, or as some of the locals say, the 'Ewan Show' (I also loved Amy's spelling 'Yoowan Show'), held at the showgrounds in Ranelagh. We enjoyed it just as much as last year. Our plan to go later and avoid the parking queue worked. We ran into a few friends, patted some (other) Bernese Mountain Dogs and looked at the goats, alpacas, cattle and poultry. Watched the 'grand parade'. Consumed a pork bratwurst with sauerkraut, a cider and an apple and cinnamon ice cream.

This year I especially enjoyed Brian Fish's bullock driving demonstration. He conducted the six enormous bullocks like an orchestra, it was quite a thing to watch. I love the draught horses too. The biggest crowd however gathered to watch the annual Rural Youth dog high jump competition. The cute fluffy varieties were knocked out early on, leaving the kelpies and cattle dogs as the serious contenders. The winner jumped a good 2.5 metres. The weather smiled on the valley again for a lovely day out. I do love a good agricultural show.



  1. We had a great day too, funny we din't bump into one another?! Steve

  2. We were only there in the afternoon, and did run into a few people, but not as many as expected! Lovely afternoon though.