Monday, November 21, 2011

Surprise salmon delivery

Last week I was at a work conference on the Gold Coast and a colleague who lives on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada was telling me about some of their local food specialties. One was a whole side of salmon cooked over a fire on a slab of freshly cut cedar. With all the great fresh salmon here in Tasmania, I thought that sounded like a good idea, and got to thinking about eating it again... then this evening a neighbour who works at the nearby fish farms dropped by with a whole gutted salmon for us, fresh from the Huon. How nice is that! He saves those that might otherwise be thrown away in the testing and quality control processes. I looked up an online video to work out how to fillet it, David sharpened a knife for me and I gave it a go. I left a little too much meat behind, but it wasn't too difficult. Below are the before and after shots. Now we have 2kg of boned, skinned salmon fillets to eat... who's coming over?


  1. That looks great, we tried fishing down there and only caught 3 blow fish! What time shall i come over LOL

  2. Brilliant! The Canadians call it planking I believe.i.e. you tie the fillet to a plank of driftwood and sort of smoke / cook it near an open fire. I do believe it is very tasty!

    Great share, thanks!