Friday, November 11, 2011

Evening sun

Have I mentioned before how much I LOVE daylight saving? Already, it's light here in southern Tasmania until after 8.00pm. As the sun sets behind us, it lights up the tips of the Snug Tiers opposite in pink. So pretty. The tallest peak in the picture (second from right) is Grey Mountain at about 830 metres.

I was totally confused visiting Brisbane a few weeks ago, where it was light at 4.00am and dark by 6.15pm. And next week I'll be back in the dark at a conference in Queensland. Something seems terribly wrong about that, when they have such a warm climate.

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  1. hi there, im a blow-in from the mainland too (WA), i didnt like daylight saving over there, but since moving to tassie a year ago, im loving it, i was in Qld last week and you're right it was such a shame that it was so dark so early.