Monday, August 15, 2011

Hills of Huonville

When I see a hill, I want to climb it. It's partly simple curiosity about what might be up there, partly just because I like the views, and partly just for the challenge and being able to say "I made it". Yesterday, I walked up a big hill east of Huonville that I've wanted to go up for ages. The red gravel road can be seen from the centre of town, snaking it's way up the hill. A large yellow boom gate marks the start of the very steep climb up to the  end of Knights Road. On the way back down I slipped and landed hard on my behind. Lucky there was no one around to hear me curse. So what's up the top? A lovely rocky outcrop commanding district views, but it's completely encircled by clumps of horrible prickly gorse so I couldn't reach it. Despite that nasty weed, a lot of tiny wildflowers were out. It's clear that a big fire has been through the area. It looks like Tasmanian Devils live up there somewhere, as I saw several sets of tracks. The views aren't bad either. The track I was on continued east on the other side of the hill. I suspect I could walk all the way to Sandfly or Margate from there.


  1. ive seen that track so many times and wondered if you could get up there, might give that one a try - did you see any snakes on this one?? hehe

  2. I didn't see any snakes, only devil tracks... but it was winter! It was very steep in one place and on the way down I slipped and landed hard on my a^$#! owww. But I am keen to go up there again and this time keep walking towards Sandfly/Margate.