Thursday, August 11, 2011


Last weekend we went on a shopping spree at our local hardware store, Clennett's Mitre 10 in Huonville, because... I won a $300 gift card as a result of signing up to receive email newsletters from them! Lucky us. We've spent a fortune in the hardware shop since we moved here, at both the Huonville store and Fork in the Road at Kingston. I know it's the same when you move into any new home, but now that I've started growing vegetables and so on, it's even worse. In the old days, it was only David who was not permitted to enter a hardware store unsupervised (I was not allowed into Officeworks). Now I could go mad buying all sorts of useful stuff in there as well.

We bought a lemon tree, plant pots, some nice pruners, a small trowel for transplanting seedlings, potting mix, sand and mulch, pop rivets, a cordless drill, a poker for the wood fire... and no, it didn't all fit within $300 but the big discount most certainly helped. Thanks, Clennetts.


  1. I did notice that you were the lucky winner on the M10 email...good one Susan!!

  2. that was a good win, im the same, ive spent a fortune in there since moving here, there's always something else to fix or do.