Sunday, July 10, 2011

Wild wild weather

Thursday - five inches of snow. Friday - rain and gale force winds. Saturday - more strong winds, ice, rain. Today - more snow. All this water has to go somewhere... and a lot of it is rushing down Prices Creek and into the Huon River, which has breached its banks at Huonville (the road to Cygnet was closed this afternoon) and also at Franklin, where the swans are enjoying the newly submerged grass in the park.


  1. wow susan. that's nuts! we have been up north all weekend and it was glorious! half way home we hit the foul weather and couldn't believe how high the river was when we got back :)

  2. If you're driving into Hobart in the morning Nat you'll get some glorious views of snow on Sleeping Beauty - I couldn't believe how low the snow was when we drove that way this afternoon. Meanwhile, we have another 3-4 inches at our place right now!