Thursday, July 21, 2011

All that glitters

I loved the following description of a certain type of blogger in a very funny recent post on chef Steve Cumper's blog:
My life is so dreamy and your isn’t
These bloggers are responsible for affluenza-like symptoms of envy in readers as they grow, harvest and cook in their desirable homes which resonate with overwhelming creativity and appreciation for the aesthetic life. A difficult life to emulate from one’s council flat.

I can see myself in several of the blogger types listed, but this one made me think. I have certainly felt envious after reading others' blogs. It's not that I feel jealous of their life - I like my own very much - but most definitely of their talents. The abundant vegetable gardens, creative photography, music, craft and DIY masterpieces, pretty pastel cupcakes and sumptuous dinner party menus... sigh. It's not just blogs of course. I have been an avid reader of Country Style magazine for many years while I dreamed of and plotted an escape from the suburbs, but I must say the pages full of creative people eating their own organic produce and raising delightful children on their stunning, historic rural properties mostly make me think: "how the hell can they afford it?!!" Are they all semi-retired investment bankers?

That comment on Steve's blog made me think about what we post and what we don't; what we are prepared to tell close friends versus complete strangers; what is the truth behind the photos on the blog. I guess tales of financial woes, health issues, battles with bureaucracy, family feuds, bouts of depression and stress at work are unlikely to make entertaining reading and best kept private. 'Be generous of spirit' is a wise guideline once given to me for online interaction, if you don't wish it to come back and bite you on the backside. Be positive. Glass half full and all that.

Looking at my blog this week, you'd think there I was enjoying the frosty mornings in the Huon Valley, looking out over our newly planted fruit trees and hiking in the great outdoors. But the truth is here I am in Sydney for work, sitting in a tiny fluorescent lit hotel room on my computer until late. Not exactly idyllic, but it most certainly means I have something to look forward to.


  1. Hi Susan, firstly thanks for reading my blog. It was intended to be a humourous post but also an explanation of sorts as to why we blog and my case, compulsively so. You are so right when you say 'be generous of spirit' on the web as I have learned only too well in the past! Cheers Steve

  2. I read that one of Steve's also - pretty funny and true. I am new to blogging so your words on this subject are good to know.
    Understand about the Sydney thing.. anytime I've had to go away from here for more than a day I just don't look forward to it! Even if it meant a holiday somewhere - for us life here is a holiday why would you want to be anywhere else?? :) I have to go visit my mum on the Gold Coast next month and as much as I want to go see her, I really hate the thought of having to leave here for only a few days. Some people swoon over the Gold Coast.. but we just love it here so much. Hard for some ppl to understand probably! especially when you are freezing your butt off and the wind is blowing fierce but it is glorious.