Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Fruit trees are in

On the same day that we had five inches of lovely snow, I received an email from Woodbridge Fruit Trees to say that the trees I had ordered were ready for collection. Bugger. I really didn't fancy trying to plant them in that weather. Then it got worse... the weather that is. Driving rain, strong winds, then more snow. On the Sunday, we drove (the long way around due to road closures) to Woodbridge to collect our six apples, two pears and one apricot. I hadn't seen that much snow on the Sleeping Beauty range before.

I read on the grower's web site that it is okay to 'heel in' the young trees for a week or so by digging a hole in any garden soil and completely covering the roots with damp earth. I figured that the empty vegetable bed would do for a few days - nice soft earth and safe from chewing dogs and nibbling wallabies. So there they stayed until last Saturday, when I dug holes and planted them, topping them up with soil and mulch, while David extended the trellis arrangement for the espalier and fenced the whole lot in... again to stop our silly dogs from eating the manure and compost or pulling up the young trees. He also fenced in the two ornamental pears planted a few weeks ago and the apricot. I reckon it looks really great. Here's hoping that the trees will like their new home and give us plenty of fruit over the coming years.

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