Monday, July 18, 2011

Umbrella Point walk

Yesterday we walked with our social walking group to Umbrella Point on Bruny Island. We all parked at the ferry terminal in Kettering and walked aboard. It's free if you walk, but $28 for cars. Bruny Island looks very dry - in the settled part that is, not the National Park - with yellowish-brown grasses and sparse eucalypt woodlands. But we discovered that the ground was actually pretty soggy under that grass. We were warned to wear boots and gaiters, and thanks to the long wet grass, we all ended up wet from the knees down. Except for the two members of our party who came by boat and rowed ashore to join us for lunch!

The coastal views on Bruny are pretty and it was interesting to see the different levels of debris on each of the beaches and coves we passed, and the colours of some of the rocks. Those group members who had walked there some years ago were surprised how many houses there are now. Despite skirting the shore to avoid them, we ended up on private property where the owner was not thrilled about us walking through... he was nice enough about it though. I was a bit of laggard on the walk, the tail-end Charlie, which is not like me. Frankly I was a bit exhausted after a day of digging holes on Saturday... more on that later.


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