Sunday, November 21, 2010

Southport Lagoon walk

Today I walked with the Clarence walking group to Southport Bluff and Lagoon. We are not full-blown members yet (this was only my third walk with them) but provided the other members approve we will probably join up. Some of them have been walking together for 30 years and three members are in their eighties and still hiking. It's not a club as such but a group of friends who walk together. So I think it's only fitting that they should be fussy as to who can and can't join.

Two fellow Franklin residents organised today's walk. We drove south to the Ida Bay Railway, a tourist railway but until the 1970s used for carting limestone and logs for transport out of the area by boat or more recently by truck. From the end of the line we walked through the scrub to Southport Bluff which affords lovely views north up the coastline and also to the mountains in the south west. It wasn't a long or difficult walk. The wildflowers were out in abundance. On the beach at Southport Lagoon we had a fire on the beach to cook some sausages for lunch, before walking back to the railway for the return trip.

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  1. Well done Susan. I want to walk that myself one day.