Saturday, November 27, 2010

Glen Huon hike

This morning I set out from home to re-do the previously failed challenge of walking 16km with a 16kg pack. It's the required assessment for next weekend's Kosciuszko trip.

This time, I picked the right half of the day to do it. It's pouring outside right now but this morning I only got a few drops from passing clouds. I walked out our front door at about 6.20am, turned right into the forestry area and headed towards Bermuda Road. Made a very bad choice of spot to stop for breakfast (right) - infested with mosquitoes. Just before Bermuda road I turned right towards Glen Huon, through more forestry area (photo below) and finally onto Watson's Road into town. I had to re-do one section because I left my hiking poles leaning up against a sign!

To prove I did it, I tracked my trek using an Android app called RunKeeper on my mobile phone. You can click here to see the map of where I walked and the elevation. It will tell you I did 19.2km in 4 hours and 36 minutes, climbing 484 metres. The last section was a big decent into the town of Glen Huon, with a lovely view - see photo below. Going downhill with the heavy pack turned out to be no easier than uphill. And below is my weight without and with the pack.

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