Monday, October 4, 2010

Mt Misery

Tasmania has a lot of places with dire names. So many that it is a popular joke for the tourists - we bought a stubby holder recently with a map of Tasmania including many of these names on it, such as Dismal Swamp and Hells Gates.

So when I read in a tourist guide of the area we live in that there is a walk up to Mt Misery, I had to go. Yesterday was anything but miserable though. It was a warm sunny spring day, T-shirt and shorts weather. The walk starts in the private nature reserve at the Huon Bush Retreats near Ranelagh. I was glad to be driving a 4WD to get there.

The hike up the hill is fairly steep, but through rainforest so it's lovely and cool. At the top, the vegetation changes suddenly into sub-alpine heath and some dry forest. Part of it was burnt in a 2007 bushfire. There is a rocky outcrop with fabulous 360 degree views, with the highlight being the snowy peaks in the south and west. The return trip took about two-and-a-half hours, including a rest at the top and plenty of photo stops.



  1. The view looks worth the effort. Was Baerli allowed to come too?

  2. Dogs aren't permitted in the private nature reserve at Huon Bush Retreats - even in cars, according to the sign at the gate. I ran into the owner up the top of the walk, who said they have loads of wildlife there but unfortunately a couple of feral cats at the moment too. Luckily we can take B into the forestry areas near where we live though.