Monday, June 14, 2010

Game over

On Saturday our new Grillo ride on mower arrived. The guy who David bought it from said that once we had it, it would be "game over". I'm not entirely sure what game that is, but it is certainly fun - and a very useful addition to our garage. The place looks fantastic again after a big trim over the weekend.


  1. But are you going to be able to get David off it? :)

  2. Susan, Would you please be able to let me know how satisfied you are with your Grillo Ride on, what model did you buy and where did you get it from. I have some steep slopes that I want to mow and I believe that the Grillo is good for these. Thank you for your assistance.

    1. Hi Denis, we got it from Derek Glanville who was over in Cygnet, but has apparently moved closer to Hobart - not sure where. Ours is a 716 model with 16hp Briggs & Stratton motor - it was narrow enough to fit through our gates. Friends down the road got the wider 9 series model. David is happy with it, says it is good on steep slopes. Only thing it doesn't do well is a neat finish on lawns as it has a big slasher blade. He did say there are more competitors on the market now than 3 years ago so would pay to compare.

  3. he is still in Cygnet Susan, his new shed/office is on the right a couple of km before you get to cygnet, its near a bend in the road, useless directions i know. He's my hubbys cousin.