Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Ditching my iPhone

As I've posted here previously, and by way of disclaimer, last month I took part in Telstra's 'social review' program for the HTC Desire mobile phone, and I was given one to try out and review. I applied to be involved largely because of my move to Tasmania, because as part of the program I also got to try out Telstra's Next G network. From what I'd heard, there isn't really any option but to end up using Telstra down here, and I wanted to find out if that's really true in my situation.

Last December I succumbed to Apple's shiny marketing and glowing reviews from colleagues and friends and bought an Apple iPhone 3GS (above). Six months later, I've decided to ditch it for the HTC Desire. I explain why here. Warning - it's a little long - like 3 pages worth.

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