Monday, June 4, 2018

Three Capes Track - day 2

Surveyors to Munro
11km, 4-5 hours

With a short day of walking ahead, there's no rush to leave the hut. I was first to head off at around 9.30am.

One of the nicest things about this walk is that there are no interpretation signs. Instead, there are beautifully designed markers or 'story seats' along the way, with the accompanying information in a printed guide book. It's really well-written and entertaining. This was one of my favourite track markers, called 'who was here'. Wombat cubes!

The first real climb is to the top of Arthurs Peak, with views back to Crescent Bay and Mt Brown.

Then down into the low scrub in the windswept Ellarwey Valley.

All along the track were pockets of silver banksia. I was surprised to see so many. The dry coastal forests are so different to the rainforest at home.

Just as I started thinking about the Vegemite roll in my backpack, a nice lunch spot appeared. Coffee, apple, cake and I was on my way again. Only a short while down the track was this beautiful 'story seat' called 'Love in the Woods'.

I quite fancied having a little lie down, so I did. What a luxury to have nothing to do, nowhere to be. The dappled sunshine and gentle breeze under the trees... ahhhh.

From there it was only around an hour to Munro hut. The hut's terrace (and toilet block!) looked out over Munro Bight, where the fading light created beautiful pinks and blues.

But it must be said, one of the highlights of the day was the outdoor shower at the end of it! It features a pulley system and canvas bag that you fill up with hot water in a bucket, then run under it for about 10 minutes of glorious hot water in the sunshine with bush views.

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