Thursday, January 5, 2017

Alum Cliffs walk

Apparently there are fewer public holidays in NSW and Tasmania than in other Australian states, so the company I work for kindly gives employees in those states an extra day off around Christmas or New Year to even things up. On my bonus day off this week, I set off with the Hobart Walking Club on a lovely walk up the Alum Cliffs Track from Kingston Beach, up the Brickfields Track to Bonnet Hill for morning tea, then on past the Shot Tower to Taroona Beach for lunch and back again.

It's been four years since I went on a walk with the club, although I've been a member for six. The club's extensive walk program means there is something on almost every day of the year, but working full time means making it along to walks I'm interested in doesn't often work out. Case in point - all 24 of the other people on the walk on Tuesday were retired. Some only very recently. I really enjoyed meeting so many interesting (and very fit) fellow walkers. Although David and I have been to Kingston Beach a lot with the dogs over the years, this was my first walk up the track from the beach. It's a beautiful walk and not too difficult, unless you hate hills! Personally, I rather like them.

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