Sunday, October 30, 2016

Happy birthday, dear old girl

Our Bärli is 10 today! We don’t normally celebrate dog birthdays, but 10 years is a major milestone for a Bernese Mountain Dog. Bärli is the sweetest natured dog, easy going and gentle – though increasingly stubborn as she gets older! Her vast repertoire of facial expressions makes us laugh every day. We thought we might lose her a year ago, but an operation to remove her spleen (with haematoma) and a tumour in her mouth, then another to remove a lump on her side, gave us another year of love and cuddles. She can’t walk so well anymore, but she has a happy life with twice-daily brief frisks and plenty of time on the lounge.

When we got her, she weighed 4 kilograms. Now, she is 50+ kilos. Her name (pronounced like 'barely') means 'small bear' in some parts of Germany and Switzerland and it turned out to be accurate. Happy birthday, dear old Bär.

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