Saturday, October 29, 2016


Each time I visit Germany, I fall in love with the geranium-filled window boxes brightening up all the homes. The bright pinks, reds and whites contrast so beautifully with the white houses and dark roofs. Last week, David found me some planter boxes with brackets for our verandah. Today, I bought as many small geranium plants as I could find and filled them up.

Our home is white but far from cottagey. As much as I love the idea of renovating one of Tasmania's lovely old homes, the reality was that when we moved here, we didn't have the time or money to do it. We both went back to full-time work as soon as we arrived. So we moved into a new, modern home where all our Sydney-life furniture fitted in and we we didn't need to rush to buy new things. My new geraniums are a little cottagey touch that I will enjoy from my office desk.

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