Friday, May 27, 2016

Platypus Bay circuit walk

From the Lake St Clair Visitors Centre, there is a good selection of short walks you can do. There are facilities for picnics, coffee, lunch and overnight accommodation. It's also the start/end of longer walks including the Overland Track. That's why we were surprised to see so few cars in the car park when we visited one Sunday earlier this month. It wasn't sunny, but it didn't rain all day and the cool temperatures (around 10-15 degrees) made perfect walking conditions. After our longer walk the day before and our drive to Nelson Falls in the morning, a Sunday afternoon stroll to Platypus Bay was just what I needed to justify that evening's dinner. We didn't see a platypus from the viewing area on the walk but we had seen one the night before swimming out on the lake at Pumphouse Point anyway. It's such a beautiful piece of the Tasmanian great outdoors. Don't let winter put you off.

Lake St Clair

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