Tuesday, March 25, 2014

I scream

I finally succumbed and ordered an ice cream maker online last week. Some of them require you to freeze and re-freeze the metal bowl during the process, but we don't actually have a freezer in the house. We have a deep chest freezer up in the garage, and it wouldn't be very practical to be running up and down the stairs with half-frozen confectionery. So I bought a fancy machine with a compressor that does its own freezing during the process.

The first batch I tried was strawberry, made with a punnet of fresh local Huon Valley strawberries, milk, cream, sugar, salt, vanilla... that's it. We took it to our friends' place on the weekend to eat after dinner and it was delicious. The next batch was vanilla bean, made with much the same ingredients plus five egg yolks. The mixture needed to be refrigerated overnight as it had been heated during preparation. Also delicious! Now I need to get onto the flavours I am most excited about making: honey, green tea, pistachio, coffee, lemon sorbet... mmm.


  1. They're great aren't they, I bought one online three years ago- It was so expensive I've never told anyone how much it cost! Leather wood honey ice cream is sublime & fun to make because the honey changes the dynamics of the mix. Remember not to move your machine around too much, better to have a stationery spot for it, as can damage the compressor & the golden rule..never store machine on it's side!

    1. I hear you - it was discounted but still expensive! Leatherwood honey is one of the reasons I bought it - I have a huge tub of it in the cupboard given to me by a friend who keeps bees over on the the west coast, Thanks for the tips!