Sunday, September 8, 2013

Beautiful things

Village Antiques of Franklin held a giant auction in the Palais Theatre today to clear some stock in advance of the arrival of a shipping container full of items purchased on a recent trip to the UK. What a lot of work it must have been to set it all up. With almost 500 lots up for grabs, it was a big day with some bargains to be had and some real treasures: everything from large furniture to rugs to jewelry and everything in between. The auctioneer did a fantastic job, keeping proceedings moving quickly and the crowd entertained.

I bought a lovely framed 19th century Minton tile (used as a teapot stand). David bought a beautiful early 20th century cornet in its original case, it has a lovely sound. We picked up 36 spare plates (white with black checked border), but missed out on a wooden cabinet we had our eye on. There were refreshments on hand and healthy competition between bidders making for a fun day out. I hope it was successful for all involved.


  1. The Minton tile is lovely. It is in the Secessionist movement style from about 1880.

    Glad David likes the cornet. Look forward to him putting on a Salvo's uniform and playing in the main street.

    The day went really well. There was a good mixture of bargains and high but fair prices.

    1. You must be exhausted Shane! It looks like many people went home happy with their purchases.