Friday, June 7, 2013

The best Friday lunch ever

I'm only the last in a long line of people singing the praises of sushi chef Masaaki Koyama, but his food and team are really worthy of the praise. From his little premises in Geeveston in southern Tasmania, Masaaki sells the freshest sushi around. I normally work from home and don't get out to lunch often. Well, I do get out of the office, but normally just to go downstairs to the kitchen, or down to see the chooks. So today was a real treat. A 20 minute drive that's more than worth it. We had miso soup (made with a stripey trumpeter stock), teriyaki duck and a tasting platter of sushi to die for. Take a look at season two of The Gourmet Farmer to learn more about him. Aside from the food, a highlight today was listening to a staff member providing advice to a tourist who is only in Tasmania for seven days and wanted to try more gourmet produce. She recommended so many of the places we love ourselves, like Summer Kitchen bakery in Ranelagh and the Red Velvet Lounge in Cygnet, and I even picked up a new tip on where to buy freshly harvested Huon salmon. Brilliant.


  1. Hm..any chance of sharing your new tip on where to get fresh salmon locally?? We also love Masaaki's food, I am hooked on fresh wasabi..thanks to him!

    1. I overheard a woman at Masaaki's saying you can go to the Huon Aquaculture operation on the Esperance Coast Road north of Dover and buy salmon there. I haven't tried it myself yet, so can't say if it is true!