Thursday, June 13, 2013

Dogs in the Huon

I mean dogs literally in the Huon - see photos below. Before the weather turned soggy this week, we managed a sunny dog walk and swim along the Huon River at Franklin. But this week winter finally arrived, after a very mild extended autumn and the hot, dry summer before it. Now light misty rain drenches everything and it's cool and damp. The water tank is full. The ground is soggy. This means we spend half the day (at least it feels like it) toweling off the dogs so they can come inside. The rain doesn't bother them at all, of course. They love it as much as they love everything else. What a great doggy life they have.



  1. It's a charmed doggies life for sure. Glad you have full tanks, ours are still dangerously low. I was surprised by how green it was flying over Adelaide, more so than Tassie, not what you expect.

  2. Beautiful berners in the water! Our girl loves Kingston beach

    1. Our girls love Kingston Beach too! Baerli in particular loves to swim (where there are no waves). We discovered recently that she actually crouches down in the water and walks along like that - we thought she had hit a deep spot!