Friday, February 1, 2013


During spring and summer each year in Tasmania we've seen plenty of echidnas while out walking or driving down our road, but last weekend was the first time we've seen one (twice) wandering around our property. I love how they trundle along, just minding their own business, not particularly bothered that we are there. This one was half covered in ants and seemed to have fewer spines showing than normal. However, I just read on a government web site that:
The fur of the Tasmanian subspecies is thicker and longer than that of echidnas in warmer mainland areas and therefore often conceals the spines.
Well, I learn a new thing every day living here.


  1. Oh how lucky with your sightings! What a wonderful moment to share the going ons of a little amazing creature!
    Have a lovely weekend and I hope you encounter a few more visitors! x

  2. Hmm, all the echidnas I've seen on this hill are covered in spines & not as furry as your cutie. I wonder if they are able to adapt their coat to suit the exact climatic conditions of different Tasmanian regions??

  3. It was also suggested to me that it is a juvenile that hasn't fully grown its spikes yet. We have seen spikier ones than this out and about. His coat did look especially thick though!

  4. Danke sehr Susan,
    in Europa gibt es der Ameisenigel nicht im Freien.
    Zu sehen ist er höchstens im Antwerpener Zoo, unweit von meine Wohnung.
    Dafür sahen wir vergangenem Sommer eine Amsel ein Tänzchen tun auf einen Ameisenhaufen, seine Flügel waren besetzt mit Ameisen.
    Herzliche Grüße aus Flandern,