Monday, February 18, 2013


I spent the last four days in Strahan on Tasmania's west coast getting to know 23 amazing people from around the state at the opening residential session of the 2013 Tasmanian Leaders program. It was my first visit to Strahan and the place is stunning. Early in the mornings I walked around Macquarie Harbour to local beaches, Hogarth Falls and Regatta Point where the West Coast Wilderness Railway starts. We ate local seafood, saw dolphins in Risby Cove and basked in the hot sunny weather. And learnt an awful lot too. It's going to be an exciting year of exploring Tasmania.


  1. We are going to Strahan in a few weeks. It will be my first time there too, even though I've lived in Tassie most of my life. I'm really looking forward to it & am hoping we'll get a chance to stop in a few places on the way to see some of the beautiful wilderness.