Wednesday, January 30, 2013

New year, new routine

Towards the end of last year, the level of exercise we were doing fell to almost zero. I was travelling and a bit frantic at work in November, then we had visitors and Christmas to keep us eating and drinking too much... it really hit home for me when I attempted a hike up Snowy South and  found I really wasn't up to the task. Unfortunately the Wing Chun karate school David had been enjoying decided not to run classes locally anymore. I love dancing but haven't found any classes nearby, David loves tennis but same deal... long story and excuses aside, we needed a new approach.

Now we get up when the dogs wake us to be let outside (before six) and go out straight away for a walk on the forestry roads near our place, rain or shine. I am really happy about this. It is such a beautiful time of the day and I feel like I have achieved so much more before it's 9am, instead of sitting straight down at my desk to work after breakfast. I know that if I left it until the end of the day, my thoughts would be on dinner and it wouldn't happen. And with both of us committing to it, we have to keep each other honest. Often, we are rewarded with views of endless wilderness, beautiful sunrises and mountains, all only half an hour's walk from home.

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  1. Hi Susan, I walked up to Snowy South last Saturday for the first time. Unfortunately the peak was in light cloud, so there were no views to the south west but Nevada Peak and down the Huon Valley were quite visible. Also loved Lake Skinner. Overall I enjoyed the walk. Keep up your fitness activities.
    Cheers Denis