Thursday, January 3, 2013

Forestry operations

A few months ago I set off to walk through the forestry area to the west of our place but found my planned route was blocked by tree felling operations, the first we've seen in the area since we moved here. For a month or so we saw various trade vehicles, utes and trucks driving past our house before 7am each day. Some of them were heading back down the hill later in the day, which our neighbours collecting their children from school around that time were understandably not happy about. There's barely enough room for two cars to pass each other in a couple of places on our road, so I would hate to come face to face with a log truck.

Activity has since ceased, so last week I walked up again for a look. Although the tall trees you can see in the second photo below are now flattened, the logged area was a lot smaller than I had expected. There is an awful lot of timber lying around, I hope some of it is collected for use before the burn off and replanting occurs.

On the way I passed an echidna. We have seen quite a few of them around lately, aren't they lovely creatures?


  1. would be a shame to waste that wood, great for the fire.

  2. Great blog. I too have seen more than the usual echidna's around plus one on my property (edge of Cygnet/Cradoc). I have also started a blog so feel free to drop by some time.

  3. I understood that logging trucks are not permitted to use New Rd. thru Franklin.
    The logs that came down the hill were mostly for firewood or woodchip. I think that the sawlog/peeler quality headed west and south to Ta Ann/Southwood.

  4. You're right Shane - they're not allowed to use New Road from what I understand. It was not the full size logging trucks but those kind of half size ones, if that's what you mean by woodchip. And I would actually rather come up against them when they come down the hill than up, because then it won't be me going off the edge of the road.