Tuesday, September 6, 2011


The random clumps of daffodils have emerged in our paddocks again this year, and I've been able to pick plenty for the vase on the table and still admire the sea of yellow flowers outside. I don't know how they got there or who planted them. Our neighbour has a similar number but they have obviously been planted that way, stretching in a neat-ish row from her front door along the driveway towards the gate. Ours are, well, random.

This weekend, on Saturday 10 and Sunday 11 September, Jackson's Daffodils at Surges Bay south of Geeveston will hold their annual open weekend. You can wander through the large variety of daffodils and order bulbs for next year. I'd like to go to see the beautiful display of flowers, but I must confess that other than stuff that's edible (vegetables and fruit trees), I'm not terribly interested in planting things that are not native. The previous owners of our place planted many non-natives such as silver birch, golden ash and oak trees, and they are really lovely young trees, but if they don't survive, they'll be replaced with natives. I am not sure I understand the Australian (and especially Tasmanian) obsession with planting an English country garden, when we have such lovely native plants better suited to the conditions.


  1. They are lovely!

    One of the reasons that I love spring in England is because large expanses of grassy areas suddenly erupt into colour with daffodils, crocuses and bluebells. And it's that reminder that all that vibrant life was merely dormant over the harsh winter.

    We're now in autumn here. It's pouring with rain.

  2. I don't get why people plant exotics either! I think the acclimatisation philosophy is still very popular.
    Have you ever read Tim Low "The New Nature" ?
    I think you'd really enjoy it.
    Daffodils are lovely though :)
    I bought some the other day to brighten up our bathroom.

  3. We've had a fair bit of rain here too Ali, the ground is quite sodden. Other than new seeds/seedlings, I haven't watered anything since summer.
    Thanks for the book tip Heather, have added it to my 'to-read' list. P.S. you are welcome to pick some daffodils from our front paddock - there are some quite near the road :-)