Sunday, September 4, 2011

Bellerive to Salamanca

Today we walked with our social walking group from Bellerive Yacht Club on Kangaroo Bay on the northern shore of the Derwent across the Tasman Bridge and into Hobart (map here). The walk takes two hours at a leisurely pace and affords great city and mountain views. Apart from a short shower, during which we sheltered under the bridge on the northern side, it was a beautiful warm spring day. We stopped at the cenotaph which commands sweeping views of Hobart, and finished up with coffee in town. We had planned to take the ferry - actually water taxi - back to where we had parked our cars, but it was out of service today. So we hopped on a Metro bus back across the bridge. It was my first trip on a bus since moving to Tasmania, which is a bit pathetic considering how much I love public transport. Normally I use it in any city I visit.

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