Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Stalker swan

As we walked along the river at Franklin with friends visiting from Sydney last weekend, this swan followed us all the way.


  1. Hallo Susan,
    Das ist hübsch! Im Antwerpener Stadtpark gibt es zur Zeit auch schwarze Schwäne.
    Sommerliche Grüße aus Flandern,

  2. Steve said-Are you sure its not an eneemy submarines periscope?

  3. Susan l bet that swan is called Duck and is one l hand raised from an egg! He lives on the River now . If you see him again call out Duck Duck and l bet he bobs his head to you in return greeting!

  4. Hey! We wondered if it was the one we've seen with an injured leg that was cared for by someone nearby, but his legs looked fine. Will definitely try calling him if we see him again.