Monday, June 27, 2011

Meat crisis

Our friends visiting over the weekend were amused by this store window sign in Cygnet when we visited for the Mid-Winter Lantern Parade and dinner at The Red Velvet Lounge on Saturday. Now, I've been known to crave roast pork or a nice steak now and then, but this sign left us pondering the circumstances in which an emergency butcher is required...


  1. Glad I'm not the only one - I've pondered that sign every time I've been to Cygnet.

  2. You'd be surprised how well his sign is working. Lots of tourists taking photos, lots of last minute phone calls for weekend camping trips-it seems he's had the last laugh!!

  3. Apparently, it's for hospitality trade needing extra supplies or who have had supply issues.

    Though we tease him mercilessly about it he maintains lots of people take pics & talk about the sign - so it's free advertising.

    Seems to work too ;-)

  4. Very clever indeed.
    Shades of Royston Vasey again ;-)

    "I've had a ...special delivery..."

  5. Howdy Neighbour :) (we are NewRoad too)
    We just bought our first lot of meat from this butcher and he is awesome. Beautiful smoked ham and bacon and tender cuts of meat. We've tried the Huonville butchers, woolies, IGA and he is the best - and comparable price-wise. Good to know he is not effected by any possible closure of the abattoir nearby.

  6. Heather-where does the meat come from?