Saturday, June 11, 2011

Dump yard blues

It's a common feature of rural areas: the property strewn with various vehicle and machinery wrecks and other refuse that's failed to make it to the tip. The most impressive I've seen in the Huon so far was a place up the top of Jacksons Road in Franklin, where more than 40 dead cars dating back to the 1960s were neatly lined up along the paddock fences. There were VW Kombi vans, the good old Holden Kingswood sedan and of course the odd Torana or two. The neighbour across the road looked poor by comparison - he only had a bus and this lovely old truck.

This post was prompted by our neighbour, who this morning brought home a totally trashed red Mazda 323 on a trailer. It begs the question: if it was somewhere else, why bring it home?


  1. Only today I saw a nearby neighbour loading up a couple of very full apple crates of rubbish, to dump on their property alongside their car wrecks. I can't believe people are still doing this. You wouldn't believe the things we found buried on our block!! That Mazda is a bit of an eyesore...

  2. That's a shocker. I'm kind of surprised there aren't some kind of council regulations on this kind of dumping, even on your own property... but I guess it's hard to track and enforce unless there are complaints. P.S. the Mazda has gone (not sure where) only the flatbed trailer remains.