Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Rain rain rain

We are paying for last month's summery streak with (so far) three days of continuous rain, mostly the light, wafting sort that drenches everything. There is nowhere for the dogs to shelter, so they have been sleeping indoors. Lilly the cat has not left the shed in two days. The chickens are locked inside. Mushrooms are springing up everywhere.

A new lake has formed at the corner of our property:

The rain gauge is full. It holds 130mm:

The driveway has become a creek:

The tiny rivulet on the border is now a raging waterfall:

Prices Creek down the road has become rapids - maybe we should re-open the old hydroelectric station that once operated there? And for once even our friends over at Cradoc and Cygnet have had rain. Normally we can see through the rain at our place to the sun drenched opposite shore.

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