Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A trek on the Tasmanian Trail

I have taken a few days off this week, and given the stunning weather today, I decided a nice long trek would be the best way to clear my head of work and the day-to-day. At 9am I walked out of our driveway, turned right and walked for five hours before I saw another person or a car. Only 30 minutes or so from our house I was rewarded with a stunning view west to the snow-capped peaks in the South West National Park.

It took two hours to get through the forestry areas behind our house to Bermuda Road, which is part of the Tasmanian Trail, a 480km route from Devonport in the north of the state to Dover in the south. Through the trees there were more glimpses of the western ranges and also the Hartz Mountains National Park.

From there I walked down Old Bermuda Road which is closed to traffic, then into Four Foot Plain. This area is covered in Buttongrass, which the Tasmanian Trail guide tells me is a common feature of boggy plains in the south that have poor soils and drainage, and it is responsible for the tea colour of many of the southern rivers. We had noticed it where the upper Huon and Picton Rivers meet in the Tahune Forest Reserve, and wondered what caused it.

Although most of this section of the route travels along gravel forestry trails, the landscape was varied and interesting. Not all of it beautiful though - see photo of felled forest area. Wildlife sightings - two wallabies, two frogs and many birds. I finished up in the centre of Geeveston, where David kindly collected me. All up I walked about 24km I think.

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