Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Mt Stuart walk with the HWC

Today I went on my first walk as a prospective member of the Hobart Walking Club. Before you can be admitted as a member you need to go on three 'qualifying walks' and one overnight training walk. Basically they need to check that you aren't a weirdo or an idiot. Not sure whether I'll qualify on those criteria... but seriously, I'm guessing the woman David and I saw walking to Wineglass Bay in Freycinet National Park a couple of years ago wearing gold sandals and a miniskirt and carrying no water might fall into that category. Fair enough, as poorly prepared or unfit people not only have the potential to ruin walks for others but can put themselves and others at risk.

The walk today was around Mount Stuart which overlooks Hobart, through Knocklofty Reserve and around to the Cascades, including many hills and affording several different views of Mount Wellington. Lunch was in Cascade Gardens next to the famous historic brewery. Despite many jokes about needing a beer, we didn't lose any walkers to temptation.

All up we walked almost 14km up and down the hills. I felt lucky to enjoy the company of such a lovely bunch of people, all very welcoming. As it was a mid-week walk, most of the 18 people who attended are retired. I must keep this hiking up. If I am anywhere near as fit as those folk when I'm their age, and having as many travel adventures as they do, life will be good.

View from Cascade Gardens to the brewery and Mt Wellington
The final climb up the hill back to the cars
View over Hobart from the top of the final hill

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