Tuesday, January 2, 2018

The legend of "the Turkish"

Ever since we moved to Franklin almost eight years ago, people who have lived here longer than us have told us about "the Turkish". In almost reverent tones. I don't know what the restaurant was called, but people have mentioned great steaks, delicious Turkish food, lovely bread, Friday night dinners, BYO bottles of red, tables full, good prices, had to book, casual meals... anyway, it had closed by the time we arrived. The building was leased, sold, re-opened very briefly as a cafe, repainted (maybe twice), closed again. There have been rumours, renovations, windows covered up, new kitchen equipment delivered, more rumours... frankly I have no idea what of the above is true and what isn't and we'd long since given up on it ever being reopened as an eatery. And now this! The window coverings have been removed, there are new tables and benches inside, and a  cryptic message on the window. So we are placing bets on a possible opening in March... or maybe 2019... something. Sometime.

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