Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Winter gardening

The rabbits have eaten the tops off all my snow peas, broad beans and garlic. Broccoli, leek and cabbage seedlings have been crushed under the weight of the snow. Now the earth is hard and regularly covered in frost or snow. So I give up for now. I am planning to start again next month, with peas, radishes and replanting the snow peas and broad beans, with bunny protection this time. The exception is my snow-covered greenhouse, where broccoli, lettuce and herb seedlings are protected from the ice and the rabbits and only have the slugs to contend with.


  1. Oh look at all that snow! A Sydney-siders dream!! it's beautiful when you don't think of your lost veggies and the bunnies winter feast! :)

    1. Agree! 7 years on and we ex-Sydneysiders are still excited by snow! I'm sure the neighbours think we're bonkers.