Saturday, April 2, 2016

Huonville Dog Park

I've met quite a few dog owners in the local area who don't know that there is now a fenced dog exercise area in Huonville. Check it out - it's in Heron Street next to the public swimming pool. Turn left after Woolworths if you're coming from the south.

When we first moved to the Huon Valley we looked on the Council web site to find out where the off-lead dog parks were. Apart from the Franklin Foreshore, the closest one was in Huonville. When we got there, we were disappointed to find it was a small piece of shady, boggy land. No fence. No other dogs. Our own front paddock was better.

Since then, the Huon Valley Dog Walking Association worked with the Council to expand the area used for the dog park, fence it, improve drainage and add amenities like seating, poo bags, a water tap and bowl and plants. It's now a lovely spot to take your dog for a good run or just some sniffing and socialising. It has proven so popular and and feedback has been so good that it's rumoured Council is considering further fenced dog exercise areas in other Huon Valley towns. Great news for dogs and their owners.


  1. Hi Susan
    you sound like me - a refugee from Sydney also, but with a smaller dog ie Chihuahua.
    Just wondering if the HV dog park would be suitable for my small dog as I am rather nervous around big ones

    1. Hi Lyn, I think it depends on when you go - the number and size of dogs has been different each time I go. Some dog parks have separate areas for smaller dogs - I'll ask a friend with a chihuahua if she knows where and let you know. Although my dogs are large, they are not very keen on boisterous or aggressive dogs (for example, they don't like being chased) so if that happens I just have to move to another part of the park or leave.