Saturday, April 30, 2016

The late, great tomatoes

A lot of people in Tasmania had bumper tomato crops this year due to the warm, dry summer, but not me. I started from seed way back in August, then moved the seedlings from the dining room into the greenhouse as soon as it was warm enough, but they didn't grow as strongly as in past years. Only four plants were worth transplanting in the garden - but once they were in, wow! They grew quickly into healthy plants, each with a good crop of tomatoes. All green. And that's how they stayed, until the weather started to cool and the plants started to die off. Not a single one ripened. So I pulled out all four plants and hung them upside down in the greenhouse.

Since then, one or two tomatoes have started to colour up every day or two, and I bring them inside to ripen on the windowsill. In the meantime, I've bought kilos of lovely local tomatoes from the Huon Farmers Market to eat and make passata from. Still, it's true that home grown ones are the best. It has been a long wait, but my home grown ones are super sweet and delicious. Better luck next year?

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