Monday, August 3, 2015

The big snow

Our friend Ursi from Switzerland arrived on Saturday afternoon to stay for a couple of days, and today we have about 20cm of snow, the most we have seen since we moved to Tasmania. Even Hobart and Kingston Beach have had a good dusting today. The ABC TV news bulletin is saying the snow is down to the lowest levels since 2005. It might not make the news in Switzerland, but it does here. Ursi was supposed to fly back to Sydney this afternoon, but some of the roads between here and Hobart are closed. So we moved the flight and instead we're spending the day playing with the dogs in the lovely, powdery white stuff and thawing out by the fire. It will be a cosy evening ahead, with chicken, potato and saffron soup and perhaps a glass of red or two.


  1. Wow! Much deeper at your place than here at Cygnet, but it did go right down to sea level. Your photos are great! And how lovely to get to spend some more time with your friend!

  2. Followed your blog before our own move from NSW to Glen Huon last March. It's been very encouraging and we, too, love it here. Got a few days off work due to the snow and roads closed, and ventured up the hills from Glen Huon to enjoy the white stuff. Even the plantation forest looked beautiful in the snow!

    1. Ooh Glen Huon is a such lovely spot. Glad you were able to move there! I once figured out how to walk there from our place, through the forestry and down Watsons Road, but I am sure there are other ways I haven't found yet. Maybe we'll meet in person one day :-)