Monday, August 10, 2015

A bird's eye view

Our neighbours are fantastic property photographers and run the Tasmanian franchise of Open2View, a nationwide real estate photography and marketing network. Shortly after we moved here, they acquired a telescopic pole on a trailer that they would tow to client properties to take elevated shots of the property. Now, technology has moved on and it's all about drones. The photos they can take are amazing. During last week's snow, our neighbours drove past our home just as the sun came out and flew the drone to take some photos for us. How nice is that! I just love the photos.


  1. Oh I love that website! It's great to have a sometimes early look at properties and the photography is nice....not a slap dash iPhone photo. Your property looks like a winter wonderland! Soooooo gorgeous!!!!

  2. What a gorgeous image to have of your property! It looks magical all covered in snow!