Friday, April 17, 2015

Mourning the loss of another beautiful hen

I lost another poor girl to a grey goshawk today and feel very sad about it. There was squawking from the direction of the chook shed and I looked out the window to see something white in the driveway... oh no. By the time I ran downstairs and down the driveway, it was too late. The goshawk flew off, but the hen was dead. Now I'll need to keep the chooks locked up in their yard, as no doubt the bird will return tomorrow. Nature sucks sometimes.


  1. Oh very sad! Poor little girl! If it's not the birds, it's the quolls! So sorry, she was pretty!

    1. I know, there is always something out to get them! And if not that, then they just drop dead for no apparent reason. That's why we keep trying to breed a few 'replacements' over summer to balance the inevitable losses... shame though, she was a pretty hen :-(

  2. It's horrible when this happens! The poor chooks are at the mercy of the goshawks, quolls and wedgetail eagles around here!